Project Portfolio

Any projects in which I have worked on or am currently working on will be available and listed on this page. These projects have been separated into multiple categories. University projects includes those in which I have been required to do as a part of my university degree coursework. Internship projects includes projects I have been a part of during my year in industry at Seed Software.

Completed Incomplete In Progress

Apple Watch Pre-Orders and Deliveries - A pretty messy situation to say the least. I started work on to keep track of orders made by different people on different dates. The main aim of this website was to see if anyone who had ordered the same model watch as you is reaching the delivery stage, or is simply stuck processing - much like many of us were.


Series Tracker

I am currently in the process of writing a mobile application for iOS. This application will be used to allow the user to keep track of the TV Shows they are currently watching, by providing information on each show, season, and episode and allowing them to be marked as watched. This application is being written in Swift 2.0.



One of my first projects during my first year of University involved vreating a management system for an art gallery. This management system would allow staff of the gallery to add customers, artists and artwork into the system and then sell these pieces of artwork onto customers. The system itself was written in C# and was a WPF Application.